Bringing the gospel to the nations.

Revelation 7:9


MilSpo Co. is a 501c3 Christian Ministry focused on making disciples.
Our vision is to see the gospel travel. Our mission is to recruit, raise up, and release military connected women as paid and prepared vocational missionaries. MilSpo Co.  missionaries serve as women sent in partnership with the local church, collaborate with civilian communities for evangelism, and are ready to serve God at operational military installations world-wide.

What does a military missionary do? 

Hear from Megan . Brown, MilSpo Co.'s Founder and Executive Director, about the needs in the military community, what military missionaries do, and how the family of God can encourage the active-duty military community.

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Meet the team.

Megan B. Brown

Founder & Executive Director
Megan is passionate about intentionally discipling the active-duty military community and equipping women to serve God as they support their service member. MilSpo Co. seeks to educate and equip women in the military connected community to connect with God and each other, build biblical community, and share in the Great Commission.

Laura Early

Chairwoman of the Board 
Laura's belief in equipping military spouses toward the task of finding gainful, sustainable, and portable income- along with her immense expertise in infrastructure, leadership development, and implementation, has brought her to serve at MilSpo Co. as the Chairwoman of the Board.

Lindsey Litton

Partnership & Advancement
Like many Christian ministries, MilSpo Co. is dependent on the consistent support of our partners, donors, and program sponsors to carry out the mission of recruiting, raising up, and releasing an army of women as paid and prepared vocational missionaries. Lindsey's commitment to fostering meaningful connections and relationships allows MilSpo Co. to make gospel impact.

Keith Brown

Director of Operations
MSgt Keith Brown serves as MilSpo Co.'s Director of Operations. Fundamentally, Keith believes in the "on the ground" impact of military spouses and serves to create access points for our community to gospel-centered resources, training, and the process of disciple making.

MilSpo Co.'s  Pipeline Philosophy

MilSpo Co. exists for the local church, and not instead of it. God's Church has always been His plan for the discipleship of the nations and, as an organization, MilSpo Co. seeks to be a conduit between the active-duty military community and the local church. Our approach to ministry is distinct, in that our methods which serve our military community do not exist as a stand alone program or an opportunity to outsource ministry to women from the local church. Instead, our ministry approach is more like a pipeline- funneling directly into the local church. Our pipeline consists of three pillars- connection, community, and commission. The connection aspect of our ministry allows women to connect with God and each other through casual, connection driven events on or around military installations. These events funnel directly into a community Bible study which is attached to a local sending church. Then, this group meets monthly to grow their faith in Spiritual Formation focused small groups. A local MilSpo Co. missionary, sent in partnership with he local church, plans, implements, and coordinates the local pipeline toward the goal of filtering military families into a local body of Christ.