Directors  & Board

Megan B. Brown

Founder & Executive Director

Megan is a seasoned military spouse, mother of four, and military missionary. Graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelor's of Science in Ministry Leadership with a focus in Ministry to Women, she is passionate about leading women to pursue fulfilling The Great Commission. 

Keith Brown

Director of Operations

Keith Brown is the Director of Operations at MilSpo Co. and husband to Megan. Keith has served on active-duty military status in the United States Air Force for nearly 18 years. Keith has always been the biggest support of MilSpo Co.'s mission and its participants. 

Laura Early

Chairwoman of the Board

Laura is a seasoned military spouse, mother to Isla, and the Chief Experience Officer of Wise Advise & Assist Team. She is passionate about equipping women to design the career they seek while serving the Lord.  

Steven T. Dabbs, Chaplain Lt Colonel, U.S.A.F. (Retired)

Board Member and Chaplaincy Advisor

Chaplain Steve Dabbs serves on the MilSpo Co. Board and shepherds the MilSpo Co. teams toward Kingdom partnerships with military chapels. With over twenty years of ministry leadership in the Air Force, and an addition ten years in the Army Reserves, he is known for his creative programming and support in MilSpo Co. ministries.

Lindsey Litton

Partnership & Institutional Advancement Advisor

Lindsey Litton, Founder and CEO of Lindsey Litton Co., serves as the Partnership and Institutional Advancement Advisor. Her commitment to advocacy, raising awareness, and Kingdom partnership development allows MilSpo Co. to continue to make gospel-centered impact on the active-duty military community.

Pastor Adam Bennett

Pastor of Back Bay Church, Board Member, & Church Partnership Catalyst

MilSpo Co. fundamentally believes in the essential nature of the local church in the life of the believer. Because of this, MilSpo Co. is committed to funneling into the local church- offering support and direct connectivity between the local church leadership and the local military community. Pastor Adam Bennett is the Senior and Planting Pastor of Back Bay Church, Ocean Spring, MS. MilSpo Co. is directly connected to MilSpo Co. and serves as the sending church for our ministry. 

Pastor Justin Daniel

Pastor of Blountsville Christian Church, Board Member, & Pastor in Residence

Pastor Justin Daniel has been involved with MilSpo Co. since its inception. Offering practical and ministerial support to all of our leaders, he continues to serve on the Board as the Pastor in Residence. All of our military missionaries, team members, and volunteers, are able to rely on his leadership and encouragement. 

Catherine Wehrman

Board Member, Ministry Leader Emeritus

Catherine Wehrman started on the ground floor of the earliest iteration of what would eventually become MilSpo Co. Her dedication to serving military spouses through leading studies, holding children, and caring for women in one on one settings has been instrumental in the development of this ministry and beyond.