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Your gift of support through prayer and giving directly impacts military missions.

Your gift makes all the difference.

Help us reach the nations by sending military missionaries.

We believe that God is raising up a generation of military connected women to serve Him as missionaries. MilSpo Co. missionaries are paid and prepared vocational missionaries who are sent through the local church, partner with civilian communities for evangelism, and are ready to serve God at operational military installations worldwide.

Ways To Give

Become a Monthly Partner

MilSpo Co. has no central funds to provide salaries or cover the expenses needed for our ministry pipeline. Like many other nonprofit organizations, we rely on the consistent support of our ministry partners, donors, and program sponsors. By relying on the support of prayer and giving offered by individuals, local churches, and community partners, MilSpo Co. is able to serve the military community well.  Our monthly partners pave the way for us to recruit, raise up, and release military connected women as paid and prepared vocational missionaries. 

Give a One-Time Gift

Your one-time gift supports our overall goal of helping women reach women. Our funds raised here support our efforts to connect military women and wives to connect with God and each other, funnel military families into the local church, and raise up the next generation of biblical leaders in the military space. Every woman in the military space needs the gospel, a flourishing faith community, and an opportunity to be a part of The Great Commission. Help us reach her. 

Help Us Raise Awareness

Did you know that there are over 1.8 million military spouses in the active-duty military community? 93% of this people group are women. Women in the military community- military spouses and women who serve in uniform, are drastically disconnected from the family of God and in need of someone to reach them. Join our community by downloading the MilSpo Co. app in the Apple istore or Google Play Store. Follow us @milspoco on social. Share our story and join the movement. 

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